Hot Water Systems in Goulburn



Electric, Gas & Solar

Having a highly efficient hot water system that suits your requirements is crucial to keeping your energy consumption as low as possible, and for ensuring you have enough hot water to service your household. At Scott Reid Plumbing in Goulburn, we supply, install and repair electric, gas and solar hot water systems.

Easy to install and cost efficient, electric hot water systems are available in several different sizes to suit your requirements, and they generally last around 8-12 years. Even though the initial cost of installation is lower than other options, the ongoing energy costs are higher.

Although the initial outlay for a gas hot water system is more than an electric one, the costs over time are less, making these systems more cost effective in the long term than electric. The functionality itself also has greater efficiency, making these hot water systems very effective.

Solar hot water systems last around 10-20 years, this is dependent upon how they’re used and how regularly they are serviced.

The initial installation costs can be high but the low ongoing running costs offset any initial set up. Environmentally friendly, solar hot water systems require very little maintenance.

If you are unsure which system is the right one for you, we are more than happy to walk you through the benefits of each so you can make an informed decision.

Whether electric, gas or solar hot water, the team at Scott Reid Plumbing can install, repair and maintain your water heating system, ensuring it continues to work efficiently.

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